Colibri Cloudforest Ecotourism

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The elevation of the Colibri cloudforest creates a unique ecosystem of flora and fauna that are endemic to the region. One such key species is the Andean Cock of the Rock, the national bird of Peru.

Currently, more than 300 tourists (domestic and international) visit the San Antonio and Calabaza communities each year. This ecotourism provides an economic boost to the communities, supports educational funding for children and young adults, and reinforces the importance of cultural identity. It also provides an incentive for preserving the local environment, including taking steps to improve community infrastructure and setting up regular recycling and trash collection services.


The Opportunity

Because of a lack of economic opportunities in the region, the local communities had resorted to the unsustainable exploitation of their natural resources, practicing “slash and burn” agricultural techniques


Our Goals

Our goal is to further promote ecotourism in the region to build this source of income for the communities. Community members will take tourists to visit the Gallito de las Rocas Waterfall and guide bird watchers on walks to identify the many avian species that live in the zone. Income from ecotourism has increased as the community members began to house tourists and serve as local guides. We hope that tourism in the region will continue to expand and become a major source of income for the community. This ecotourism project will also be replicated in neighboring forest communities.

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Project Objectives

  • Promote ecotourism in the San Antonio region
  • Conduct training workshops on ecotourism management
  • Host workshops on birdwatching and train select members of the communities to serve as competent birding guides
  • Provide environmental education



Colibri cloudforest is located in Peru’s Selva Central region, where the Andes descend to meet the Amazon.

Colibri community

Support our mission with the Colibri People to protect the forest.