Providing rainforest communities with sustainable livelihoods

Happy people. Healthy forests. Hopeful future.

Take action. Protect the Amazon. You can help.

860,000 Acres of Forest

14,000 Lives Enriched

4 Partner Communities

2 Countries

Why we act.

Every year, millions of trees are cut from our rainforests to extract oil and raise cattle. These trees are essential for the air we all breathe. The burning of these trees alone contributes to over 15% of carbon emissions each year. We strive for something better.

How we make our impact.

The good news is that we can make a difference. We work side-by-side with indigenous communities who have called the rainforest home for millennia. These communities need sustainable micro-economies to withstand powerful outside interests. We’re their partners in this. Together we protect the forest.

Become a Volunteer

We value our volunteers and interns. They offer their diverse talents and passion for our mission to increase our positive impact in tropical rainforest protection. We have a diverse group of volunteers as critical members of the Rainforest Partnership team.

Become a Donor

Donations are the fuel that keep Rainforest Partnership impactful. Your contributions—large and small—have direct impact on the trees. Your support enables us to empower rainforest communities to keep the forest standing. Let’s save the planet together.

Stand with us for the future of our planet

We remain resolute in our commitment to protect both our forests and our planet. We are heartened by the knowledge that our projects are achieving real results. Join us by becoming a Rainforest Partner.

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Please support the mission and join Rainforest Partnership by donating today.

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