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What we do

Partner with Indigenous Communities

Indigenous communities living in the rainforest want an economic alternative to cutting down trees.

Create Sustainable Livelihoods

We build sustainable economies with our partner communities that rely on a healthy forest for success.

Protect and Regenerate the Rainforest

Our projects generate an income that lets them keep their forest and restore what was lost.

Your Donation Solves Big Problems

We’re enriching the lives of thousands of indigenous people in the Amazon basin, protecting nearly a million acres of rainforest, and keeping 100,000,000 tonnes of CO2 in the ground.

Support our Projects

We work hand in hand with communities in project design, leveraging their knowledge, culture, and desires.

From artisan products and tourism, butterflies and bees, and coffee and chocolate, to natural medicine and regional protected areas. Every project is unique, but the results are the same: self-sufficient communities with an incentive to keep trees standing.

We partner directly with the people of the forest.