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10th annual Amazon in Austin

Dancing for the Forest

Join us on October 24th

With our largest event of the year only a few weeks away, we’re excited to invite all of our rainforest partners to a magical night of celebration and dancing.

Click the side arrows to check out just a few of the many things we have in store for you. Tickets are $20 and we only have a few left, so reserve your spot today!

East Austin's Historic Springdale Station

This 20’s era building boasts exposed wood trusses, floor to ceiling windows, and rustic wood floors. The two buildings are married together with a beautiful glass enclosure. A visit to see it in person is a definite must. There is nothing quite like it in Austin.


Phara's Mediterranean Cuisine

Phara has been a long-time supporter of Rainforest Partnership and our mission. We invite you to taste the charms & mysteries of the Mediterranean with us this October.

Dance International & Danza Peru

The DANZA PERU ATX project was created to promote the love and appreciation for Peruvian Dances and Traditions; reaching out to the community and neighboring cities through the beauty of dance.

Dance International, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the instruction of dance and other art forms, movement, and wellness. 

Oliver Rajamani

Critics distinguish Rajamani for having redefined Romani music-more commonly known as Gypsy music-by taking it back to its ancient roots in India as well as blending Indian folk and Romani music with Texas traditions. Rajamani has created his own unique style of music which he labels “Flamenco India”.

An Austin World Music award winner, a nominee of the 2008 US Artist Award and the 2014 nominee of the prestigious German world music award in the European Charts, Rajamani has toured internationally and has recorded and performed with artists wide-ranging in style including Gypsy Kings, Willie Nelson, Edie Brickell, L. Shanker, Eric Johnson, Paravai Munniamma, Dotschy Reinhardt from the Django Reinhardt family amongst many other international artists. He has been a featured artist on the NPR BBC.

What we do

Partner with Indigenous Communities

Indigenous communities living in the rainforest want an economic alternative to cutting down trees.

Create Sustainable Livelihoods

We build sustainable economies with our partner communities that rely on a healthy forest for success.

Protect and Regenerate the Rainforest

Our projects generate an income that lets them keep their forest and restore what was lost.

Your Donation Solves Big Problems

We’re enriching the lives of thousands of indigenous people in the Amazon basin, protecting nearly a million acres of rainforest, and keeping 100,000,000 tonnes of CO2 in the ground.

Support our Projects

We work hand in hand with communities in project design, leveraging their knowledge, culture, and desires.

From artisan products and tourism, butterflies and bees, and coffee and chocolate, to natural medicine and regional protected areas. Every project is unique, but the results are the same: self-sufficient communities with an incentive to keep trees standing.

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We partner directly with the people of the forest.