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sani isla ecotourism rainforest napo river


Supporting ecotourism at Sani Lodge helps educate international visitors about the remarkable biosphere of the tropical rainforest, and ensures the longevity of rainforest communities in the region. Increasing staff knowledge will enable them to teach others in their culture about ways to protect the environment. This, in turn, increases the knowledge of different cultures throughout the world, improving intercultural understanding and spreading awareness of the beauty and necessity of the rainforest.


The Opportunity

Occupying more than 20,000 hectares of land, Sani Isla is an indigenous community that is home to 645 Kichwa inhabitants (90 families). This area has been the center of oil extraction operations for decades, despite efforts by the community to oppose the incursion of extractive companies within its territory. However, due to the lack of economic opportunities in the region, local communities had resorted to the unsustainable exploitation of their natural resources. Luckily, in recent years, the community has shifted to promoting new economic initiatives through entrepreneurship, including Sani Lodge, the only ecolodge managed and operated by an indigenous community in Ecuador. Supporting the success of the ecolodge is imperative for the ongoing protection of the land.


Our Goals

We will work alongside the community to establish an annual plan that addresses the needs of Sani Lodge. RP will develop and conduct training in administration, language, and biodiversity of the Amazonian ecosystem in order to better equip the staff to meet the needs of tourists and expand their business to generate greater economic gain benefiting the community.

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Project Objectives

  • Advance Sani Isla Lodge to a global platform, increasing their ecotourism business with marketing and sales tools.
  • • Reinforce the value of ecotourism by educating travelers on the impact they make on the rainforest community’s longevity by choosing these establishments.
  • Conduct training for Lodge staff to enhance their environmental, administrative, and financial skills.
  • Establish an international volunteer program to conduct cultural and educational exchange opportunities with community members.



The community of Sani Isla is located on the bank of the Napo river in Sucumbios and Orellana provinces, near the borders of the Yasuní National Park and Cuyabeno Nature Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

SaniIsla community

Support our mission with the Achuar People to protect the forest.