Achuar Traditional Medicine Center

Traditional Medicine Center


The Achuar are an indigenous rainforest community who maintain a rich culture that includes extensive knowledge of local plant species that have valuable medicinal properties.

Rainforest Partnership is working with the Achuar community to create a traditional medicine center that will preserve their traditional knowledge of medicinal plants, improve access to basic health care for the community, and create economic opportunity that sustainably draws on natural resources.

By improving the income and health of the Achuar people and fostering pride in their traditional knowledge systems, this project will incentivize the Achuar community to conserve the biological diversity in the region and protect against threats from oil, logging, and mining companies.


The Opportunity

The key issues that face the Achuar community include the encroachment of oil companies and the lack of economic opportunities. The Peruvian government has granted oil concessions in most of the Peruvian Amazon, including protected areas. The Achuar territory has been designated as an oil block, and several companies have expressed an interest in drilling, but they cannot proceed without the consent of the Achuar people. The Achuar continue to resist the oil companies, but the lack of alternative economic opportunities leaves the community vulnerable.


Our Goals

We are building a traditional medicine center to create a socio-economic business model that will value the Achuar culture and protect their forests. The center will serve as a health care resource for patients near and far, provide training for new medical practitioners, and promote the exchange of knowledge between different communities in the territory. The design of the traditional medicinal center, based on the customs of the Achuar community, has already been completed and a detailed project budget, including the cost of materials and labor, has been drawn up.

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Project Objectives

  • Promote the conservation of the tropical rainforests in the Achuar territory
  • Develop the capacities of the medicinal promoters and help in the preservation of ancestral knowledge and culture
  • Improve the quality of life of the Achuar community through the sustainable use of natural resources
  • Find suitable markets for their products and establish a viable revenue stream in the longer term



The Achuar are an indigenous community in Northern Peru near the remote border with Ecuador, along the Huasaga, Huitoyacu, Manchari, and Morona river basins.

Achuar community

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