Surf’s up, everyone!  It’s time to hug a wave, and show some love to our oceans, so that rainforests—and all who depend on them—can survive and thrive.  

Wait?  What?

You read that right.  There’s a powerful connection linking rainforests, oceans, our sustainable planet, and you. Each depends on the vibrancy of the others to thrive. And we all play a critical role in sustaining our climate and planet.

Rainforests rely on healthy oceans for predictable moisture and moderated temperatures.  Oceans depend on rainforests for the replenishing nutrients rainwaters carry back to them.  And both of these ecological powerhouses play complementary roles in sustaining our climate— as carbon sinks, moderators of global temperature, and oxygen producers. In this regard, what affects one affects the other.  

Nowhere is that connection stronger than between the Amazon rainforest and the Atlantic Ocean. When the Amazon is deforested and degraded, it releases carbon dioxide and reduces its capacity as a carbon sink. This forces the ocean to pick up the tab, causing a vicious cycle. As the Atlantic ocean absorbs more carbon dioxide from deforestation, it warms and acidifies. A warmer Atlantic provides less moisture to the Amazon, and thus less rainfall.

As the world’s largest rainforest region, connected to the Atlantic by the world’s largest river, the Amazon also provides vital nutrients for phytoplankton, the foundation of the ocean food chain. These nutrients also feed two powerful microorganisms called diatom and cyanobacterium that consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Without them, the carbon dioxide is absorbed by seawater, causing further acidification and warming.

This connection between the Atlantic and the Amazon is long established, but doesn’t always get the attention it deserves and needs.  The single best way we can help the oceans is by cutting carbon emissions and sequestering more carbon. Protecting and restoring rainforests achieves exactly that.

That’s why Rainforest Partnership is standing up for the oceans, for their continued unity with rainforests to sustain the health of our planet.

As an international nonprofit dedicated to protecting and regenerating tropical rainforests through income-generating projects that create sustainable rainforest economies and communities…

We’re honored to announce our partnership with the Aquatica Foundation in support of the upcoming research expedition to the Great Blue Hole in Belize. This scientific exploration will expand our knowledge of ocean health, in a region also rich with rainforests. The knowledge gained from these dives in the Blue Hole and its surrounding reef system will better equip ocean experts that are trying to protect this unique area. And through the extraordinary global awareness campaign the team is undertaking, the world will learn more about the critical role oceans have for our climate, for rainforests, and for all of us.  

We’re participating to spotlight that important relationship, and to strengthen the connection between our communities of supporters.  

As important as it is, this connection hasn’t been part of the conventional conversations about rainforests, or as much as it should in those about the climate.

At Rainforest Partnership, we rise above and beyond what’s “conventional”.  We’re always looking to expand our understanding and knowledge of about rainforests: why they are important, what they need to thrive, and the key role they play in our ecosystem.  We look deeper, we look further, we ask the questions that haven’t been asked. We seek the connections that are non-obvious so that we can craft solutions that are more effective. Rainforest Partnership is committed to being at the vanguard of rainforest protection and regeneration, through continuous innovation so we can achieve more, faster and better. That’s been our approach since Rainforest Partnership was founded, and it remains our approach today.

We are thrilled to be part of this adventure with Aquatica Submarines, Sir Richard Branson, Fabien Cousteau and the Great Blue Hole Expedition crew of scientists, technicians, engineers, and filmmakers.  Through this exploration, we will deepen our global awareness of ocean sustainability and the role it plays for all that depend upon it, including our tropical rainforests.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress and results of this unprecedented expedition.  

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