Our Story

Who we are:


Rainforest Partnership was born in 2007, the brainchild of our CEO, Niyanta Spelman, the product of hands-on efforts by our founding board, all of whom are passionate about tropical rainforests.

Our founding principle was — and always will be — to achieve our goals through rainforest community based projects. While our core focus will never change, we respond and adapt to challenges and opportunities. We know we can always improve so that we can make more of an impact.

We embrace innovation and evolution as the means to greater and more efficient outcomes on behalf of tropical rainforests and the communities they rely on them. This applies to our rainforest community projects and to our internal operations. We are willing to challenge our own assumptions to enhance our performance. We work hard, undeterred by challenge and buoyed by the successes we are seeing on the ground.

We have grown through these first 10 years through an unwavering commitment to our core work, and continual self-evaluation and improvement in our operations. That is how we are moving into our next 10 years, and how we will accomplish more and do it better.


Rainforest Partnership is an impact and data-driven international nonprofit dedicated to protecting tropical rainforests, the lungs of our planet and a critical factor in its health. The Amazon Basin alone stores 400 million metric tons of CO2 per year – about 25% of all carbon stored on land, and it produces 20% of the world’s oxygen. 

Nearly 4,500 acres of rainforests are lost every hour from illegal logging, mining, agriculture, forest fires, and oil drilling, resulting in a lot more carbon in the atmosphere – and a lot less oxygen. Rainforest Partnership works directly with rainforest communities to sustainably develop products found in the forest, giving the community a stake in keeping their trees intact.

When the trees are more valuable standing than cut, we can all breathe easier.

– Niyanta Spelman, Executive Director

Where we are:


We’re in the rainforest: Rainforest communities are at the core of our work. Their commitment to stewardship of this natural treasure is why our model works. They are supported by our Latin American based project team, and by our Texas headquarters.  We’re on the ground to make rainforest protection and regeneration a reality.

We’re global: Rainforest Partnership develops worldwide partnerships in fulfillment of our mission. A United Nations affiliated organization through our consultative status with UN ECOSOC, we connect with organizations, governments, academic institutions, businesses and individuals around the world to make rainforest protection a reality. Our creative Initiatives allow us to connect with people globally through film, sound and knowledge.


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