Our Mission

Rainforest Partnership conserves and restores tropical rainforests by working with communities to develop sustainable livelihoods that empower and respect both people and nature.
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Our Vision 

We envision thriving tropical rainforests that support a healthy, vibrant planet.

Our Goal

Our goal is to protect and regenerate tropical rainforests, now and forever.

We are achieving durable results through community-based projects that enable durable and sustainable rainforest protection.


  • Rainforests are threatened.
  • Rainforests are vital to our survival.
  • Rainforests are complex ecosystems that protect our planet.
  • Rainforests deserve protection for the sake of their unique richness.


Rainforest Facts

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Rainforest partnership projects


  • We provide rainforest communities with alternatives to deforestation.
  • We tailor project solutions to the unique needs and capabilities of each partner community and their rainforest.
  • We use rigorous and objective project selection criteria and performance-based project management techniques.
  • We keep a constant eye on outcomes.
  • We integrate technical expertise with indigenous culture and knowledge in designing our income generating projects.
  • We implement projects that sustain the rainforest and the people who live in them.

Stand with us for the future of our planet

As we at Rainforest Partnership watched the announcement of the US decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, we felt deeply saddened, but resolute in our commitment to protect both our forests and our planet. We need to act now to protect our rainforests if we want to tackle climate change while the world is shifting to a low carbon economy.