Our Approach

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Community Engagement & Empowerment

Empowering local and indigenous communities to be forest guardians through conservation education, training, and capacity building. Founded on principles of collaboration and respect, our approach integrates both scientific and traditional community knowledge.

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Sustainable Livelihoods

Building sustainable economies that rely on healthy forests for success. Artisanal products and tourism, butterflies and bees, shade-grown coffee and cacao, natural medicine, essential oils —whatever the project, we deliver the same result: self-sufficient communities with an incentive to keep trees standing.

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Conservation Science

Producing scientific research to support the creation of protected areas and actions for endangered species. As a data-driven organization, we conduct innovative research and carefully choose our indicators of conservation success, so that the rainforest’s incredible biodiversity can be protected for years to come.

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Biodiversity Conservation & Forest Regeneration

Restoring rainforests to preserve wildlife and mitigate climate change. Paired with agroforestry, reforestation can strengthen local economies, biodiversity, and carbon storage all at the same time.

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Conservation Management & Governance

Establishing protected areas, securing community land rights, creating conservation policies, building the capacity of local decision-makers. We partner with communities and governments to develop action plans that protect endangered species and their habitat and benefit local people.

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Global Activation & Engagement

Rainforest Partnership hosts Films for the Forest every year, a global filmmaking challenge that aims to shine a light on the importance of rainforests to people of all ages.

In July of each year, Rainforest Partnership engages partners, corporations, and supporters to act for the rainforest on World Rainforest Day. But to us, every day is World Rainforest Day!

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