Choose your Rainforest Ambassador

Yes, that’s right! Pick your favorite animal from the images below and make it your profile picture. Your friends and family will ask questions and you can tell them about what’s happening. Give a voice to the animals who may very soon be without one.

Step 1:

Upload as your Instagram profile picture (Facebook/Twitter work too)!

Step 2:

Inform friends and family. Share posts and articles by rainforest support organizations on your Instagram/Facebook Story and use “#FacesOfTheForest #RainforestPartnership ”– we might even repost you 😉

Why is your profile picture an animal? Because MOM, the Amazon is in trouble! Did you know…

Step 3:

Get Connected!

Subscribe to @RainforestPartnership on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in the loop about what’s going on with Earth’s Lungs.

Tragedies like this make us feel helpless, but there is hope. At Rainforest Partnership, we believe no action is too little and no voice is too small. Together, we are making a difference.