On October 18, 2018, the City of Austin proclaimed:

Be it known that

Tropical rainforests sustain our planet’s well-being—as the lungs of our planet, they’re an underappreciated powerhouse safeguarding humanity’s climate future, and their global footprint is shrinking from continued deforestation and degradation; and
Rainforest Partnership, an international NGO, achieves results and generates hope by providing rainforest communities alternatives to deforestation, allowing them to sustain themselves, the rainforest, and our shared future;
Founded and headquartered in one of the world’s most innovative and environmentally active cities— Austin, Texas—Rainforest Partnership proudly partners with organizations worldwide who pursue both social responsibility and tangible impact on our planet and its people,
This October 24th, Rainforest Partnership will celebrate 10 years of impact made possible by partners, donors, and sponsors through innovative rainforest protection and regeneration projects that keep rainforest standing and expanding, for all that live there and for us all.
Therefore, I, Steve Adler, Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas, do hereby proclaim
October 18th through October 25, 2018 as Rainforest Partnership Week: Amazon in Austin.


CEO Niyanta Spelman speaks at Austin City Hall about the importance of protecting tropical rainforests