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A Win in the Amazon is a Win for Us All!

It isn’t terribly often that we in the conservation sphere get to celebrate successes in our line of work. While small-scale targets are often recognized - meaning the hitting of fundraising or event-attendance goals - larger, systemic, and long-term changes are fewer...

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Celebrating Ten Years

On December 1st, 2007, at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning, three people – Hazel, Barbour, Bob Warneke and Jordan Erdos - who had not met each other until that morning, and I, Niyanta Spelman, came together for a whole day planning session. By noon, we had a Mission and...

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Rainforest Partnership at #COP23 in Bonn

RP Executive Director Niyanta Spelman & RP advisor Mike Canzoneri are in Bonn, Germany for the COP23 conference as Observer Delegates for RP. By Niyanta Spelman If Paris was the promise that we were looking for, that there was a global resolve to take on climate...

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