By Rob Escamilla


Rainforest Partnership and the World Research Institute

It’s in the name people: partners! Here at RP we are all about finding other people and organizations that share our mission to protect and restore our suffering rainforests. This week, we are proud to announce our new, officially-official collaboration with Initiative 20×20.

Initiative 20×20, if you missed our earlier update about the excellent Annual Partners meeting in April, “is a country-led effort to bring 20 million hectares of land in Latin America and the Caribbean into restoration by 2020.” The initiative brings local and national governments together with over 40 technical partners, all supported by the World Resource Institute. As of April, 2018, “government partners have … committed to restore 50 million hectares of land and [have] projects covering 10 million hectares … already underway.”


New partners, new projects

Within Initiative 20×20, RP will provide valuable expertise, as well as participate in several working groups. We are especially excited to be a part of the Biodiversity Task Force, an issue we care passionately about (and have written about before many times). Through these working groups, Initiative 20×20 hopes to not only foster international connections that will facilitate the rehabilitation of the rainforest, but also to create important educational content such as publications from field scientists and other experts.

The aforementioned connections are undoubtedly a powerful force when it comes to effecting positive change for the rainforest. In the community of Sani Isla, located on the bank of the Napo river in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, RP helped establish Sani Lodge, an impressive eco-lodge managed and maintained exclusively by the indigenous populace. In the video below, you can see the magnificent cabins and facilities that comprise one small part of the entire lodge.



The personal, professional, and governmental connections RP built during the expansion of Sani Lodge is a perfect example of RP’s mission in action. The empowerment of the local community represents the rainforest’s best chance at recovery, and with the help of the amazing World Resource Institute, we are committed to saving those 20 million hectares by 2020. You can help us fulfill the goals of Initiative 20X20 by donating to our regeneration project here.