By Janelle Sylvester


Last week, RP’s Niyanta Spelman and Janelle Sylvester attended the Initiative 20×20: Annual Partners Meeting in Lima, Peru that focused on restoration for climate, welfare, biodiversity and water.

The event was a huge success, with some of the biggest names in the restoration field in attendance. Seven countries, including Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Argentina, Chile and Germany, were represented by Ministers of their Ministry of Environment and/or Ministry of Agriculture. The conference was very multidisciplinary with presentations from policy makers, researchers, financial partners and leaders of NGOs.

The following are some of the key messages from the conference:
• Countries are calling for more finance towards the restoration and conservation of forests and landscapes across Latin America and the Caribbean.
• The private and public sectors must work together to accomplish restoration goals. This means government agencies, NGOs, financial entities, researchers and local communities must partner and collaborate.
• Research is an essential component of restoration and must be incorporated in projects in order to understand how restoration and conservation efforts are having an impact.

One of the most exciting moments of the conference was when the Director of SERFOR (the National Forestry and Wildlife Authority of Peru) signed a document approving a new set of Restoration Guidelines that will ensure coordinated restoration actions of forested lands in Peru.

This was an exceptional opportunity for RP. New partnerships were formed and a great deal of knowledge was gained. It was very clear that Peru and many other countries are committed to reaching their restoration goals. To support restoration efforts, the attending ministers made a unified call for increased climate finance for restoration, which could help deliver 60% of carbon emissions reductions needed by 2050. Overall, this was a very exciting start to our Colibri Cloudforest Regeneration Project in Peru, and great things will come from the partnerships that were formed here.