Like so many others around the world, our work at RP looks very different than it did last year at this time. We have developed exciting ways to connect to community partners and allies and to stay connected with our team. This time has given us the opportunity to step back, reorganize, and map out our goals, strategies, and values when it comes to our connection to you, our supporters.

The RP team features activists, local leaders on the ground, environmental scientists, and outreach specialists – as well as storytellers to help get the word out about our important and impactful work. But because we realize that communications these days flows both ways, we recognize the value of not only transparency on our end but of input from our global community. 

We’re excited to share some of our changes directly with you and look forward to your feedback!

First, we’ll be updating our blog as frequently as possible. This will include monthly science, and news from our partners and posts from each project team and RP campaign. We will also post educational and interesting blogs about rainforests, environmental work and activism, and how we can all make a difference. We believe everyone can incorporate environmentalism into their lives, so we want to create content that interests all sorts of people.

RP Communications’ Values and Commitments

We are committed to anti-racism, inclusion for everyone in the environmental sphere, and making rainforest conservation accessible to everyone. RP believes in the power and potential of youth activism, coalition building, and in helping people bring environmentalism into whatever spaces they move through each day. We commit to always valuing partnerships, relationships, respect, learning, listening, and impact.

And finally, at RP we do our work from a place of joy rather than a place of fear. Our work can be challenging and frustrating, but we want our voice to evoke excitement, hope, and action through the love of rainforests, nature, and people.

Thank you for being a part of our work and community! We are excited to renew our commitment to preserving and protecting the world’s rainforests. And we know that we can’t do it without your support and participation.

If you’re new to our work, know that there’s a place for everyone in the RP community.