We are pleased to introduce Rainforest Partnership’s new team members in Peru!

With a myriad of talent across the board, our outstanding team is already working diligently to protect and regenerate tropical rainforests by developing sustainable initiatives in forest communities. This highly-experienced, passionate team has been busy planning, assessing, and implementing in partnership with with our partner communities, municipalities, regional governments, and national agencies.

Meet The Team

Carlos Tello is an Administrator and Biologist with experience in ecological and conservation projects amongst several mammalian species. He has collaborated with several local communities during his 17 years in Peru and continually helps our partnership complete its objectives.

Carlos Tello

Monica Alzamora is a senior consultant for Natural Resources Management. She has over 20 years of experience working in Conservation Science across Peru. Within the partnership, she guides the team in working with government agencies to access our interventions viability and progress.

Monica Alzamora

Jhordy Orcuhuaranga is an anthropologist that specializes in indigenous populations as well as topics related to production and conservation. He is passionate about understanding different cultures and the dimensions of conservation. Jhordy hopes to bring his experience and passion to the RP team.

Jhordy Orcuhuaranga

Jossy Luna is a Natural Resources Specialist. She has over 10 years of experience working with communities in various regions of Peru. Jossy focuses on the conservation of Peruvian primates and their habitats. Her work with NGO Proyecto Mono Tocón has honed her skills in coordination of projects, financial budgets, and administrative needs.

Jossy Luna

Fanny M. Cornejo is the Country Director for Peru. She is currently finishing her Ph.D in Anthropological Sciences while simultaneously leading research and conservation projects within the Tropical Andes, Amazonia, and Pacific Tropical forests. Most notably, in 2014 she received the Medal of Honor of the Order of Merit to Peruvian Women for Outstanding Professional Activity by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Peoples of the Peruvian Government. She will be directing and managing the RP visions and actions in Peru.

Fanny Cornejo

We are very excited to announce our new team and we hope you follow up on the progress over time!