Brought to Earth Day Austin from the Central Amazon Biosphere Reserve, “Escuchar” was recorded and composed by Rainforest Partnership’s board member Dr. Leah Barclay, award winning sound ecologist. The 3D quadraphonic mix transported hundreds of Austinites into the heart of the rainforest.

Mixing ecosystems from different locations and compressing a 24-hour period in the Amazon Rainforest into a 15-minute soundscape, those that entered experienced an auditory escape to the Amazon.  At some points, as attendees walked from one side of the dome to the other, their auditory journey traversed the rainforest canopy to an underwater sound of the pink river dolphin.   According to Leah Barclay, this created the effect of immersion in a virtual rainforest, but also a sense of temporality and transients with the shifting ecosystems.

In the never diminishing line people awaited to discover what was inside the mysterious dome, each emerging with what could only be explained as a rejuvenated and tranquil smile.  Within the dome supplied by the Texas Museum of Science and Technology we created a comfortable escape to the rainforest. In the dimly lit dome people lounged and rested among cushions and plants while listening to the symphony of forest sounds.

We hope Rainforest Listening accomplished its goal of bringing the rainforest closer to the hearts and minds of us all – especially those of us who may never be granted the opportunity to visit the Amazon. Through this experience we recognize the reality of our world, and the reality is not only that the Rainforest is a beautiful and captivating place but also an essential part of our current existence and global ecosystem.

Yet again, Earth Day Austin brought thousands together to recognize the importance of our Earth. We are grateful for all who joined us to listen to the living breath of the lungs of our planet. To those who didn’t have the pleasure of attending Earth Day Austin 2017, we hope to someday share the experience with you so you too can discover your connection to the Rainforest.