Rainforest Listening

      • Rainforest Listening is an augmented reality project that layers rainforest soundscapes in urban environments. Listeners access the sounds via mobile devices and sculpt their own experience by walking through urban environments and triggering geolocated soundscapes in iconic locations across the world. This project showcases the value of listening to natural environments in their current state of ecological uncertainty.
      • Rainforest Listening encourages global communities to engage with one of the most critical environments on earth, the Amazon Rainforest. The installation features pristine sounds recorded in a diversity of ecosystems, including lowland tropical rainforest with abundant wildlife. Listeners can hear the rich biodiversity of insects and birdlife, and those who venture deeper into the sound maps can discover the endangered Amazon River dolphins or elusive howler monkeys hidden throughout urban environments.
      • Rainforest Listening launched during Climate Week NYC 2015 in the centre of Times Square where the sounds of the rainforest grew in iconic locations such as Central Park and Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, the gateway to the United Nations. Hundreds of people experienced the installation during Climate Week, and the work received critical acclaim from high profile New York arts and cultural organizations, resulting in a permanent installation in New York City and a global touring exhibition in 2016.
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