Colibri Cloudforest Protected Areas



A protected area is a defined geographical space that is recognized and managed to achieve the long-term conservation of biocultural diversity in the region. The cloudforest communities in San Antonio and Calabaza made an agreement with Rainforest Partnership and various government agencies to commit to the conservation of their region. These efforts include creating protected areas such as the Regional Conservation Area (ACR), Conservation Concession Areas (CCA), and the larger UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The proposed protected areas are a great example of the strength of collaborations and partnerships between multiple stakeholders. These stakeholders include governmental agencies, private institutions, local communities, and nonprofit organizations. These efforts ensure the future protection of ecosystem services in the area.


The Opportunity

Deforestation continues to be most significant threat to the cloudforest region. Causes of deforestation include unsustainable subsistence farming by Andean migrants, the creation of pasturelands, and illegal logging. The designation of these protected areas will help to protect the critical habitat for the many endangered species in this important ecosystem.


Our Goals

We have received positive feedback for these applications and will continue working with the different stakeholders in order to conserve the cloudforest region. We hope to continue work with our partners to expand upon the ecotourism program and establish a comprehensive forest protection to this cloudforest region.


006 umbrella

Project Objectives

  • Strengthen collaborations and partnerships with and between the multiple stakeholders.
  • Provide environmental education to the communities.
  • Ensure the declaration of the protected areas for the Colibri Cloudforest Region in 2018.



Colibri cloudforest is located in Peru’s Selva Central region where the Andes descends to meet the Amazon.

Colibri community

Support our mission with the Colibri People to protect the forest.