Colibri Butterfly Sanctuary




Peru is home to more than 3,700 species of butterflies, nearly 20% of the world’s total population. Our communities of San Antonio and Calabaza are located in the Colibri Cloudforest, a region known for its high species diversity. Butterflies play an important role in the ecological pyramid of terrestrial ecosystems by pollinating flowers and serving as a source of food. The biodiversity of the cloudforest depends on its butterfly populations.


The Opportunity

The butterfly populations in this region are threatened by poaching and illegal trafficking due to high commercial demand from the West. Illegal mining in the Andes poisons the environment with lead and deforests the cloudforest, threatening butterfly habitats. It takes substantial time for these populations to recover back to normal levels, and some species are becoming extinct in this part of the region.


Our Goals

Our goal is to further expand economic opportunity in the Colibri community by establishing a butterfly sanctuary, which will function as a conservatory and promote the breeding of local butterfly species while providing the community with income from the legal and sustainable harvesting and sale of butterflies.

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Project Objectives

  • Build a Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Breed and host 15 endemic and local butterfly species
  • Repopulate the dwindling population of butterflies
  • Partner with University in Peru and other global universities for research
  • Train local community association members to conserve the area of the Butterfly Sanctuary and the surrounding region
  • Teach the local community about the importance of forests, biodiversity, and pollination
  • Create income for the community from visiting eco-tourists
  • Build a model for other communities to preserve butterflies
  • Support community members to stop illegal poaching with help of government



The Butterfly Sanctuary is located in the community of San Antonio surrounded by Cloudforest ecosystem near the community of Calabaza.

Colibri community

Support our mission with the Colibri People to protect the forest.