Thousands are of trees are cut down all over the world, often illegally, killing the habitats of wildlife and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Between the years 1990 and 2016, 502,000 square miles of forest were lost due to deforestation.

Many of us are aware of the deforestation issue, but less of us realise that we might be responsible for its effects. Most often, deforestation occurs to make room for more farmland, to keep up with the huge demand for certain foods, fashion, and household items we like to buy. 49% of tropical deforestation occurs for commercial agriculture.

Few people realise the true cost of their shopping baskets, and this lack of awareness has allowed the issue to get out of hand. In Indonesia for example, palm oil farming is the leading cause of deforestation. Palm oil is an ingredient found in many popular products, from bread to lipstick and soap. In buying these products, we are endorsing mass deforestation However, with the current critical state of the environmental crisis, people are starting to wake up to these issues.

The team at Mainland Aggregates has created this series of graphics that illustrate the extent of the issue. Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change, much of the damage cannot be reversed. However, small changes such as being more mindful about the products we’re buying can make a huge difference. Whilst many of the facts are shocking and scary, hopefully, they inspire people to do their bit in caring for our planet.