One of our partners, YOUvolution (YV) recently met with us and answered some questions for us about what they do, as well as told us about the new incubator their launching, Un.Incubator! In essence, YV is a revolutionary haven for filmmakers, providing them with everything they need from equipment to connecting them with like-minded film entrepreneurs. YV’s incubator will offer filmmakers another layer of collaboration; their ability to host workshops and link them with mentors will give filmmakers a limitless scope of potential.

What is YOUvolution?

YV is a filmmaker space. Our mission is to inspire people to pursue their passion and provide a space with the resources they need to chase the dream.

What demographic is YV geared towards?

Right now we serve filmmakers of all kinds: creative directors, documentary filmmakers, and freelance filmmakers who use our platform to make a living. We are the best spot in Austin for a starting filmmaker to have access to the equipment and people they need to get started.

What makes YV unique?

Well besides being SUPER accessible with our price point and parameters on access (24/7), the space that we hold for filmmakers to collaborate on projects and get to know other filmmakers who are on the same journey they are on does not exist outside our little space. It’s a place where ideas are appreciated. It’s ok to fail here, get back up, and try again.

 How has YV changed from the time it was conceived, to now?

I started YV with the product line YOUpak in the hopes I would find a way to inspire people. That was a huge fail. Then from there we started dabbling in film production more and more filmmakers started showing up and I noticed a common thread– 1. They all needed access to the expensive gear to be able to create and 2. They all wanted and needed like-minded people around them to pursue their passion. All of this started taking place in my apartment living room and it finally clicked. We finally had something that could really impact people’s lives.

What is your vision for the future of YV?

My dreams for this brand go on and on and on! But, in the next 5 years I hope to build this brand to include affordable living space (Our land project under way named Novo), a bigger work space to hold more members and provide more tools and resources, and I really can’t wait to start providing for musicians and visual artists by then.

 What inspired you to create YV?

I grew up in good ole West Texas. This was the biggest factor in why I started this idea. 1. I did not have people who understood my dreams of doing something outside of working in the oil field. It seems like anything creative in West Texas is stifled by the current culture there. 2. I wanted to help dreamers. People who see the world differently. People like myself.

What inspires you, in general?

I get a regular dose of inspiration here at our space. I get to see first hand where these filmmakers are in their journey, help them, be a part of their projects, and be there for them when it gets hard! Seeing their growth and progress motivates me more than anything else I have ever done.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

I have too many to be possible. Lol. My top ones are to see our land project, the Yv space, and our new Un.Incubator program running seamlessly together.

 What is the main mission of Un.Incubator?

The mission of the Un.Incubator is to aid social entrepreneurs and creatives through three phases of their journey. 1) Working through and clarifying their idea, what they are passionate about, and how it is going to translate into a business model. 2) To help them build their brand and present to the world 3) To help them work through and test their business model as they reach financial independence doing what they love!

 How did you get the idea for Un.Incubator?  What is Impact Haven’s role in the partnership?

Haven and Youvolution are partners in the Un.Incubator.  We have collaborated to bring this program to life. The idea was inspired because both Liz Deering (the founder of Haven) and I felt like there were not enough resources that were available to creatives and social entrepreneurs. We wanted to design a comfortable, safe, and practical environment for entrepreneurs to grow their ideas. 

What is the timeline for your cohorts? For example, are they monthly, so you’ll have a different cohort each month? Will those people still have the option to have mentorship sessions in the future? 

The cohort timelines are in 3-month increments and the mentors only commit to working with the member for those 3 months. We are developing an ongoing program now that will allow our members to continue in a longer-term version of this! 

How many people will be in each cohort?

Our idea cohorts are intentionally built to be smaller, so they hold 5. Identity and Independence will hold 10 each starting in April!

What type of person are you looking for? Are there any specific requirements for applying and what does the nomination process look like? 

We are looking for people who are making a local impact in Austin TX. We want people who are passionate, determined, and ready for the challenge.

What does a typical session look like? How often does the cohort meet?

Our sessions are 2 hours long once a week. There is a lot of work the members do outside of the cohort building their businesses.

Are there just two groups: Creative Solopreneurs and Woman in Impact?

Yes, we run Idea cohorts that are specific to Women and Creatives. In the Identity and Independence cohort we will combine everyone. 

How did you find your mentors? What are there backgrounds?

 We look for local professionals who are looking to make more of an impact here in Austin, TX. Their backgrounds vary and they are all years ahead of the members going through. Here is a link if you would like to see more about our mentors we have from our January Cohorts! 

Is there anything else you want to add?

If there is anything I have learned about what we are doing as an organization, it is that we are building a new sort of culture. A culture for people to flourish and do what they have been put here to do. That is the seed of our impact. Now it’s just time to grow it!