Beach Road Designs PartnershipWe are a small company from Boston, created by a young mother and husband team who saw a need for a smarter beach blanket after trips to the beach with their young family. We came up with our beach sheets to help everyone enjoy the outdoors a little easier.  Along our journey, we realized we had the ability to give back to the planet that has so inspired our company. Although our beach sheets were created with the beach in mind, we treasure and respect this incredible world that we live in and recognize how important it is to empower those who live on it and enjoy it, to educate them and encourage everyone to maintain it for generations to come.
We love Rainforest Partnership’s mission to protect rainforests by “partnering with people at global and local levels to create lasting solutions to deforestation” and their vision of rainforests helping to support a balanced and healthy planet, because this world needs that – without rainforests, endless important aspects of Earth are affected from ocean currents to weather patterns. By empowering the people who live in the rainforest, many doors open in the fight to protect and preserve the vital ecosystem and help to keep our whole Earth flourishing.  On Earth Day (and every day), we are proud to help support this amazing organization and happy to donate 5% from every Pineapple Beach Sheet sold to Rainforest Partnership.
Beach Road Designs is excited to help support the good this group does and to watch the rainforests of the world thrive.