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by going palm oil free today.

Palm oil production wreaks havoc on our global rainforests and ecosystems and severely pollutes the air, water, and soil in these regions.

Because the palm fruit tree only grows well in the narrow band around the equator, home to much of our vital and dwindling rainforests, the industry is causing life-threatening illnesses in local communities, depletes local economies, and threatens social stability.

While a tree producing palm fruit (from which palm oil is derived) is technically something found in nature, the palm oil industry cuts and burns down the rainforest along with animals who are mass victims of the burning, to plant monocultural palm fruit tree plantations in which no natural habitat exists. What’s worse, the palm oil industry often wantonly cuts down rainforests they don’t own, destroying sustainable livelihoods for thousands of indigenous people.

As global citizens, it is our responsibility to take care of the planet and ensure the rights of those who protect and depend on our natural resources are respected. Please JOIN US in helping protect the rainforest and those whose lives rely on it. Use your purchasing power for good and take Rainforest Partnership’s palm oil pledge today.


Simply avoid buying products that show palm oil or palm kernel oil on the ingredients section of the packaging.

Also, be on the lookout for ingredients that sound like they’re derived from palm, such as palmate, palmityl, or palmolein. Its scientific name is Elaeis guineensis.


Make a mindful decision to look for products that are palm oil free, or RSPO certified.

RSPO certified means that the product is more likely to have been sourced sustainably.


Make it a habit and lifestyle to support businesses that produce palm oil free products.

By taking the pledge to buy only palm oil free products, you are taking a stand for the environment, for our rainforests and the life they cultivate, as well as the rights of local and indigenous communities.

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