Do you love primates? We certainly do! RP just participated in two big events in Peru to promote efforts to save our closest relatives.

In Lima, we co-hosted the 2nd annual Congress of Peruvian Primatology. The conference provided a platform for key presentations, collaborations, and capacity building efforts to support the conservation of endemic Peruvian primates like the yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey.

In Tumbes, we gathered with national and regional government agencies from both Peru and Ecuador for the second workshop of the Binational Strategy for the Conservation of the Primates of the Tumbesian region. Covering a region of forest spanning both Ecuador and Peru, the binational strategy aims to protect the Ecuadorian capuchin Cebis aequatorialis, one of the 25 most endangered primates in the world, and the critically endangered Ecuadorian howler monkey Alouatta palliata aequatorialis, and their habitats, through a participatory effort with local communities and decision makers.

These collaborators included our partner Yunkawasi and Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Regional Government of Tumbes, National Park Services of Peru (SERNANP), Ministry of Environment of Ecuador (MAE), Peruvian Society of Primatology, and Grupo de Estudios de Primates del Ecuador (GEPE). We gathered together with in El Caucho Biological Station inside the Cerros de Amotape National Park within the Binational Biosphere Reserve Bosques de Paz.

These monkeys are in real danger of extinction, but you can help save them. Donate now to conserve their disappearing home!