Jhordy Orchuaranga, Communities Specialist at Rainforest Partnership, talked to us about how the recent outbreak affected his daily routine.

“In these times where chaos grips many, nature takes a break powered by the COVID-19 virus which has paralyzed many countries and is affecting much of the world’s population. In Peru, the situation is not unique and at present as a country we are in a state of emergency, under isolation.

These measures seek to prevent the virus from spreading quickly and causing a collapse of our health system. I feel that it is the right time to start reflecting on the importance of taking care of our planet through the good use of our resources, respect for wild flora and fauna, and being less and less the engine of pollution every day.

As far as isolation goes, I have been able to spend time with my family and frequently comment on the importance of caring for the planet. We have been having fun in many ways and are making isolation a pleasant time together. 

As far as work goes, communications technology is our great ally to face these moments. Through cell phone calls I have been able to contact residents of San Antonio to inform and talk, especially to stay calm.

I have also had conversations with authorities and workers from the Pampa Hermosa district municipality who have told me about the work that has been done from their administration to deal with this situation. With the RP team in Peru, all face-to-face meetings have stopped, the coordination, plans, actions to be undertaken once we can mobilize, are carried out through Skype video calls and the use of social networks. 

It is time to carry out work for the conservation of forests from home, hoping the situation will improve and we can resume our normal operations soon. I hope that the whole world can reflect on the importance of a healthy planet and cultivate respect for nature while being inspired to take concrete actions to protect our forests and their biodiversity.”

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