Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

01. Give Directly

The Amazon breathes life into the world with oxygen, fresh water, medicines, and millions of species. The Amazon needs you now. Your gift to Rainforest Partnership enables the community-based projects in South America to thrive.

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02. Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Supporters just like you are engaging their friends and followers to crowdfund for our cause. Facebook is matching up to $7 million in eligible donations on December 1st, starting at 7 AM CST. Matched funding is expected to run out fast, so we recommend donating right at 7 AM.

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03. Learn More

Head over to our blog to read what our team in Austin and South America are doing. Once you’re there, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter and be the first to know whenever we have breaking news to share, like discovering a new species!

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04. Spread the Word

Follow us on our channels and share the posts that resonate the most with you. Check out our Mission page to learn more about exactly what we’re trying to accomplish and how. Reach out to us at any time if you have any questions or if you’d like to volunteer.

Please support the mission and join Rainforest Partnership by donating today.