Fighting toward net zero deforestation by 2030.

We are Generation Z.

Deforestation ends with us.

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Why Join Us

As individuals, we might feel powerless, but as a group, we have the power to alter the course of history. Gen Z for the Trees is harnessing the passion, talent, and efforts of our generation around the world to protect rainforests.

Generation Z makes up 40% of consumers both in the USA and globally. By 2026, we will be over 40% of the workforce. Our influence is large and growing, as is our ability to push for lasting change. There are so many reasons to have hope, and by focusing on the actions that need the most attention, we can create a more sustainable future.



  • Learn about biodiversity, climate science, and stakeholders within the rainforest;
  • Inform ourselves and others about ways to live more sustainably;
  • Raise awareness for Black and Indigenous efforts to mitigate climate change and promote a more balanced relationship with our home.


  • Share uplifting news about clean energy, technological innovations, and environmental success stories from around the world;
  • Envision a green future society through art and stories;
  • Promote the work of grassroots (especially BIPOC) organizations in conservation, technology, alternative energy, sustainable living, and more!
  • Encourage others to speak out on the issues at hand.


  • Compile resources in one place and make it easy to act;
  • Influence corporations, governments, and local politicians to use their power to support rainforests;
  • Demand climate justice by getting involved in local volunteering organizations and becoming politically active;
  • Build a better narrative to believe in, and turn our collective hopes into reality by working toward net zero deforestation by 2030.


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