The Youth Are the Future

Gen Z is coming to know ourselves as the generation of change: many of these changes, like climate change, were set in place generations ago but threaten our future on this planet. As temperatures climb, sea levels rise, and natural disasters intensify each year, Gen Z must grapple with the inevitability of change. 

We are acutely aware that our planet is under enormous pressure from attacks on our environment from industry and governments claiming notions of “progress” and “capitalism.” As the world’s youngest generation, we face the most dire consequences of climate chaos, deforestation, environmental and racial injustice.

As the most connected, diverse, and largest generation in the history of the world, we are driven by immediate action and near instant togetherness. This leads us to have the greatest power to create actual change in real life. 

Generation Z makes up 40% of consumers both in the United States and globally. By 2026, we will be over 40% of the workforce (1). Our influence is large and growing, and by focusing on the actions that need the most attention, we can create a more sustainable future.

Introducing: Gen Z for the Trees

And this is why we’ve created Gen Z for the Trees: to harness the passion and power of Gen Z and to give our fellow global citizens a platform to not only express our thoughts, but to take real, measurable action. As a partner and initiative of Rainforest Partnership, we offer the opportunity to fight for justice directly on the front lines of climate change: the world’s vital rainforests.

We are a youth-led movement aiming for net zero deforestation by 2030. We aim to compile resources and channel energy from our generation. We believe in the power of education and aim to provide information on exciting innovations, different perspectives, and important initiatives.

Gen Z for the Trees envisions a green future: net-zero deforestation, global support and acknowledgement of Indigenous rights, and comprehensive education and attention towards climate action. To make this vision a reality, we are harnessing the passion, talent, and efforts of our generation around the world to protect rainforests.

Our goal is to inform ourselves and others about sustainable living, stakeholders in the rainforest, and current grassroots efforts to mitigate climate change. We also commit to promoting the work of indigenous rainforest communities. We celebrate these communities’ deep and unique understanding of the rainforest.

Join the movement!

Now, more than ever, we need people passionate about creating change. There is a place for everyone, regardless of how much you already know or how big of a platform you have. Change begins with important conversations, educating yourself, and implementing knowledge into practice.

Our groundbreaking Gen Z-powered initiative is capturing grassroots and media attention; we’re energized by the traction Z4T is gaining as people discover this growing movement. Gen Z for the Trees was recently spotlighted by the Austin American-Statesman, which you can read here. Our Instagram account is gaining new followers every day, and we are building exciting partnerships with other youth organizations who believe in a healthy planet and future. 

We invite you to add your talents and energy to this growing movement. Start by joining our social media platforms and sign up for our newsletter! These platforms are used to further educate ourselves and others, as well as bring attention to petitions and other methods for direct change. We are thrilled to invite you to join this group of young people determined to make a difference.


Instagram: @genzforthetrees

Twitter: @GenZfortheTrees



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