Films for the Forest will not be cancelled, the show must go on.

Rainforest Partnership’s Films for the Forest, screened as part of the annual SXSW Community Screening for the past eight years, is moving online for the first time since its inception. It will air in three different time zones on the 50thanniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2020. Films for the Forest is a film competition that was created and launched in 2010. It provides an outlet for people across the world to speak on behalf of forests. It provides a platform for people to speak about what is happening within their community. For many people, these films provide the only opportunity they might have to speak of the current conditions that not only the forests face, but that they might be facing as well. This film competition can also be an educational tool for change.

Traditionally, most submitted films have originated from five continents, from the Americas to Europe, Asia and Australia. This year, there were submissions from all seven continents. We’re proud to be providing a wide perspective on the issues affecting forests and wildlife across the globe. Some films highlight the need for an event much like this one, which informs those who have little to no knowledge of rainforests and the services they provide. Films for the Forest highlights more than just deforestation. It highlights a variety of atrocities faced by forests not known by many, like logging.

As always, our line-up of judges this year is filled with an all-star cast.

Game of Thrones actress and philanthropic activist Oona Chaplin, Oscar-nominated director Richard Linklater and producer Francesca Prada, were the judges this year. While Chaplin and Prada are new to the circle, Linklater has been a Films of the Forest judge for all of its 11 years.

Films for the Forest 2020

Previously held in the Rollins Theatre at the Long Center in Austin, Texas, as part of SXSW community screening, the number of attendees for the competition maxed out at 225 people. With the shift online, Films for the Forest will be able to reach a global audience. This change provides not only entertainment, but also a unique educational opportunity that can inspire adults and children alike. An event like this can inspire children at a young age to be a force for change. Now more than ever is a great time to teach, learn, and grow.

Films for the Forest Judge Francesca Prada said it best, when she said, “Given the state of the world, now is a good time to rethink how we live and to come up with a far more holistic way of living/being. Watch some films to get the brain going and then we can to talk with each other, and problem solve.”

Rainforest Partnership expects to curate Films for the Forest in new ways. Due to the value we see in bringing the forest to world online there are plans in continue online screenings as well as a return to an in-person screening. You can see winning films from previous years our YouTube Channel, by viewing our playlists section. Be sure to follow us on social media for Films for the Forest updates and future events.