Enterprise Partnership Program

Our Goal

Good for Business, Good for the Planet

Rainforest Partnership has long valued partnering relationships with businesses who want to do good for the rainforest while they do well for their businesses.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our Enterprise Partner Program, which will accelerate these partnerships in both number and impact, benefitting tropical rainforests, their communities, and enterprises alike.

Why become an Enterprise Partner?

We connect the goods and services being produced by our rainforest community partners to businesses around the world who have the vision, innovation, and capacity to bring them to market. By creating this connection together:


  1. Rainforest communities generate more revenue which will strengthen their ability to continue saying no to deforestation.
  2. Enterprise partners realize financial success and goodwill from developing and marketing these new rainforest based initiatives.
  3. Rainforest Partnership creates the next wave of business-centered projects and impact that is funded by a share of this new revenue, protecting more forest while organically developing new products and services available to come to market.
  4. Together, we build an audience who will support both rainforest protection and our enterprise partners who bring them the high-quality, sustainably sourced products and services they want.


Flash Tattoo

Flash Tattoos and Rainforest Partnership present Illiaa colorful collection inspired by the beauty and magic of the rainforest. A portion of each sale goes to Rainforest Partnership’s work to protect the Amazon.



Their self-published book, Tribe of Hackers, donates 100% of royalties to 5 charities, including Rainforest Partnership. They were able to donate over $2,500 in the first month alone. You can find the book on Amazon.

Whether you’ve got a fully formed proposal, the rough outline of a concept, or are simply ready to explore opportunities, reach out to us. Part of the critical value Rainforest Partnership contributes in our Enterprise Partnerships is connecting partners to the opportunities and rainforest communities best suited to their needs.

Ready to learn more? We’re ready to hear from you.

Your ideas, innovation, and acumen are what will bring our shared impact to fruition. We are excited to connect to the creativity and power of the private sector to unlock the full potential of our model for rainforest protection.

Let’s Start Something new

Contact Neil Dumra, our Director of Impact, by filling out the contact inquiry below for more information about how you can become an enterprise partner.