Here at Rainforest Partnership our main goal is to stop deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, but our mission goes beyond our programs in the Amazon. Much of the work we do here in Texas aims to raise awareness for protecting rainforests around the world. We believe that change doesn’t just start with us but with our global community as well. We all must work together to provoke a meaningful difference. By collaborating with different companies and groups, we hope to enliven people to start taking actions to protect our forests and fight climate change.


The actions that Rainforest Partnership takes connect people from many different walks of life; those who differ in  their beliefs, their nationalities, or their interests find common ground in the importance of our planet and our rainforests. By entering in SXSW’s PanelPicker contest, we hope to bridge the gap between technology and social impact. Our three panels are live for voting and have the chance to be picked for the SXSW festivities. Ranging from videography in the forest to creating social movements, our panels show the diversity that exists when trying to raise awareness about  such a vital resource  like the rainforest. We want to bring the people of the tech industry and the people of the forest together to increase recognition of how important rainforests are to the planet.


Our other initiatives include educating children about the fascinating animals and plants of the rainforest to create excitement and curiosity in their hearts. Their wonder and amazement at the creatures of the deep forest show the promise of the future generations saving our planet. Connecting children to the rainforest not only helps them grow and learn, but ensures that our lessons will not be forgotten but carried with them through their lives, and onto future generations.


Additionally, we partner with local businesses to raise both funds and awareness. By holding fundraising events or partaking in licensing agreements, we are able to spread the word about Rainforest Partnership and the importance of our work to a wide variety of people. These opportunities also give our donors a fun way to support Rainforest Partnership, different from the traditional way. Working with businesses based in Texas and the United States allows our mission to reach a broader audience, and in turn, create a new group of environmentally conscious supporters.


We are proud of the initiatives we have taken in our ten years of operation and look forward to the partnerships and events the future holds for us. Follow along on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on PanelPicker, future education initiatives, and fundraising events and partnerships!