With continued human population growth, exploitative industries, and pollution leading to unsustainable rates of consumption of our natural resources, we are witnessing a massive loss of the Earth’s biodiversity today. And while extinction is a normal process of nature, the rate at which it is happening today is not.

Scientists estimate that current extinction rates are about a thousand times higher now than would be expected based on the fossil record, and that we may be experiencing a mass extinction event, which is when 75 percent or more species are lost at a time.

Much of this loss is taking place in the Tropical Andes, a region now considered the most critically endangered “Biodiversity Hotspot” on the planet. It is estimated that only a quarter of the original vegetation of this region remains intact today. 

Clearly, conservation of Earth’s natural resources such as the wildlife of our rainforests is critical to ensuring we maintain diversity of species and ecosystems for future generations. That’s why Rainforest Partnership is more committed than ever to protecting the magnificent life of this region.

In particular, and together with the Peruvian NGO Yunkawasi, we are conducting key conservation actions for the yellow-tailed woolly monkey and a resident Andean night monkey. 


These two endemic primates of the Amazonas region are both critically endangered and endangered, respectively, yet neither species currently has an explicit management or action plan for targeted explicit measurable conservation activities.

However, with recent support from Rainforest Partnership and other partners, the Regional Government of Amazonas created a regional action plan to protect these species that has been recently approved.  This is the first time a regional government in Peru is taking action and leading conservation actions for endangered species through the creation of their own public policies.

To achieve this, RP and partners supported the regional government of Amazonas in the organization of the first and second participatory workshops for the creation of the “Regional Action Plan of the Endangered Primates of the Amazonas Region.”

These events were a great success, with the participation of dozens of leaders from 40 different organizations, including local governments (provincial and district municipalities), rural communities, personnel from seven national protected areas, and NGOs, among others.

As a result of our efforts, the Regional Government of Amazonas signed and published the approval of the “Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey and Andean Night Monkey” in February of this year. 


Now, RP and our partner, Yunkawasi, are supporting the Regional Government of Amazonas in the creation of a public investment project proposal so this regional government can obtain funding from the central government of Peru to fund the implementation of the regional action plan.

There is a long road ahead to conserve these magnificent animals, and we can’t do it without you! Help us continue making progress for the biodiversity of the rainforest — make a donation today to propel our work.