The Colibri Community

About the Colibri

The neighboring communities of San Antonio and Calabaza are located in the Pampa Hermosa district, under the Satipo Province and the Junín Region, in the central Amazon Rainforest of Peru.

The Opportunity

In the early years of the ecotourism project, the two communities made an agreement with Rainforest Partnership to commit to the conservation of their cloudforest region. Over the years, they have taken key steps in this direction, creating protected areas such as the regional conservation concession area and the larger UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This helps to protect the habitat for the many endangered species who live in the region.

Our Work With the Colibri People

Since 2009, Rainforest Partnership has been the only non-profit organization working in the Colibri Cloudforest region. With the help of Rainforest Partnership, the communities have actively engaged in developing their ecotourism ventures, constructing eco-hostels in San Antonio and Calabaza and training tour guides. In addition, Rainforest Partnership collaborates with the communities on other projects, such as the Colibri Butterfly Sanctuary and the HoneyBee project, which provide additional sources of income.

our projects


The communities of San Antonio and Calabaza are located in the Colibri cloudforest in Peru’s ‘Selva Central’ region where the Andes descend to meet the Amazon rainforest.


There are 30 families in the community of San Antonio and 20 families in the community of Calabaza.


Deforestation continues to be the most significant threat to this region. Causes of deforestation include unsustainable subsistence farming by migrants from the Andean highlands, the creation of pasturelands, and illegal logging.


We have developed ecotourism businesses that are directed and managed by the communities. Our role is to provide capacity training and the funding for infrastructure. We are continuing to work with the communities to improve the ecotourism businesses and develop new conservation activities that will generate sustainable sources of income while promoting the direct conservation of the cloudforest and its biodiversity.


  • Conduct training workshops on ecotourism management and provide environmental education
  • Construct a butterfly sanctuary to preserve local species of butterflies and promote their production in a suitable environment
  • Host workshops on beekeeping to promote apiculture as an ecologically safe economic activity
  • Create a Regional Conservation Area in partnership with the Regional Government of Junin

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