The Achuar Community

About the Achuar

The Achuar, an ancestral indigenous rainforest community, maintain a rich culture distinguished by endemic systems of economic and social organization. Their language and belief system are deeply rooted in their connection to nature, as is their extensive knowledge of native plant species that have valuable medicinal properties.

The Opportunity

The Achuar community and their rainforest home have come under increasing pressure from oil companies exploring and drilling for oil in the region. This upends the balance between the community and the forest by further endangering countless species of fauna and flora.

Our Work With the Achuar People

Since 2014, the Achuar National Federation of Peru (FENAP) and RP have agreed to work together to collaboratively develop sustainable income sources so the community can continue protecting their forest and their way of life. Empowering the community economically will help the Achuar maintain their strong voice in opposing the intrusion of powerful outside interests that would disrupt their forest and culture. We work to provide the Achuar with the tools to take advantage of the abundant natural wealth of the rainforest.

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The Achuar are an indigenous community in Northern Peru near the remote border with Ecuador, along the Huasaga, Huitoyacu, Manchari, and Morona river basins.


The Achuar are a community of 12,200 individuals living in 45 distinct, smaller communities spread out over nearly 2 million acres of rainforest.


Dire threats from oil companies exploring and drilling for oil deeper in this region impact the community’s way of life and the biodiversity of the rainforest.


Create a socio-economic business model that values Achuar culture and traditions through the
sustainable use of natural resources.


Project Objectives

•  Promote the conservation of the tropical rainforests in the Achuar territory
•  Develop the capacities of the medicinal promoters and help in the preservation of ancestral
    knowledge and culture
•  Improve the quality of life of the Achuar community through sustainable use of natural resources
•  Find suitable markets for their products and establish a viable revenue stream in the longer term


Support our mission with the Achuar People to protect the forest.