Carlos Tello, Administrator and Biodiversity Specialist at Rainforest Partnership, shared his thoughts on this pandemic while working from home:

“As RP’s administrator, during the government-mandated quarantine of the pandemic, I have moved office work to my home. “I stay at home,” is the motto of our country to confront the spread of Coronavirus. From home we can use video-conferences with all our workers and collaborators, through Skype, Zoom, or What’s App.

The government has given flexible deadlines for the payment of labor taxes, giving new dates and calendars, so as not to have to go to the banks. We have to present our 2019 annual tax return around this time of year, so at least that is something we can do at home easily. 

Currently my work days at home are filled with much of my usual work: filing the monthly tax returns that we have to do, crafting budgets for the second quarter of activities, participating in video calls for coordination with our Texas team, as well as completing a lot of pending work in regard to reports and scientific articles.

Every day at 8:00 p.m. the government-enforced curfew begins, where no one can be outside on the streets until the next morning. While times are strange and difficult, there are also opportunities to thank and give moral support to the people who care for our safety and health.

Some people play Peruvian music at high volume from their windows and balconies, we sing and applaud, we cheer words of support to the police and military in the streets, who help make sure that our communities are safe and not spreading the virus. We hope that this pandemic will pass soon and that we can return to our work in the rural communities and in the forests that we want to preserve.”

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