By RP Peru Team

In our project for the conservation of the cloud forests of central Peru, we started a new process of getting to know the communities. During May and June, RP’s team in Peru made visits to four rural communities (Runatullo, Toldopampa, San Antonio and Huancamachay) to introduce (and reintroduce) Rainforest Partnership, request permission to enter the communities and finally talk with them.

Our specialists, anthropologist Jhordy Orcuhuaranga and biologist Jossy Luna, visited these communities to learn how the communities interact, organize themselves and perceive nature. This process is critical for conservation of the area to be successful. In the days spent with each community, the team watched how they live, their daily routines and their relationship between each other and with the environment. In this way, the team sought to understand their life without judging them, conversing and resolving survey questions. In total there were around 60 surveys conducted.

These interviews will help us understand how the community works, its productive economic activities, its main representatives, and their perception of forest conservation. Knowing this information, we can propose conservation measures that respect the social functioning of the communities. We are in the process of systematizing and analyzing the data collected in the field to obtain information that will help us in the next step of conservation planning. 

By understanding and establishing these strong, respectful partnerships with the people who call the forest home, Rainforest Partnership achieves lasting conservation.