Translated by Sophia Guirola

In a newly renovated tourist booth, locals sell their drinks, snacks, and artisanal goods to tourists who come for the magnificent Gallito de Las Rocas waterfall. The locals operating the booth also manage a visitor’s book, where they gather information and comments from the tourists as they visit the gorgeous, natural attraction.

To inaugurate the new tourist booth and acknowledge the growing economy, Jhordy Orcuhuaranga, of Rainforest Partnership, worked with San Antonio leadership to arrange a celebration for the community.

RP Anthropologist Jhordy Orcuhuaranga and Roberto Apolinario, Lieutenant Governor of San Antonio, at the inauguration of the new tourist booth.

Furthermore, the mayor of the Pampa Hermosa municipality, Rolando Laureano Figueroa, has approved the agreement between Rainforest Partnership and Pampa Hermosa. Now, we are waiting for approval from the Municipal Board. We expect a signature of approval in the coming weeks!

The People of San Antonio.

On Wednesday, January 22nd, members of the Agroforestry Producers Association of La Puerta de Pui Pui led a workshop to set the groundwork for tourism regulation in the San Antonio area. Nineteen members of the community attended, showing interest in participating in the local tourism industry. Many attendees were specifically interested in the Gallito de las Rocas waterfall tourist attraction. 

Jhordy Orcuhuaranga with San Antonio locals.

We are confident that these developments, as well as the continued dedication of the people of San Antonio, will culminate in a robust ecotourism economy that benefits the people and the forest.