Last week at the beautiful 800 Congress venue, Rainforest Partnership held its 9th annual fundraiser event of the year: Amazon in Austin. This year’s theme was “Socialize with Butterflies” and funds raised at the event fund the ongoing efforts to protect and regenerate the Amazon Rainforests. Rainforest Partnership’s unique entrepreneurial approach to solving the massive problem of deforestation was highlighted at the event with a moving speech and video from our Executive Director Niyanta Spelman, and everyone had the chance to see the rainforest communities she empowered in order to preserve their forests.

A special rainforest room was available for guests to check-out the environmentally sustainable products that the Rainforest Partnership ‘kick-started’ with the indigenous people in order to generate income. The room also provided sounds from the rainforest so you could close your eyes and almost feel like you were in the forest itself. Amazing trips, gifts and experiences were auctioned off in a live auction called by an entertaining rapid-fire cowboy auctioneer.

The emcee for the event was Chikage Windler, whom Austinites recognize as the Chief Meteorologist at CBS in Austin. All eyes were on Chikage as she tied together all the powerful and passionate presentations that evening with the Austin Mayor Steve Adler.

Mayor Adler announced that the City of Austin is hoping to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and possibly sooner. On behalf of Austin, he has joined 90 international city mayors and more than 300 mayors from cities across the United States committed to uphold the Paris Agreement. He noted that even though the current US administration was stepping back from the Paris Agreement, Austin and many other cities were stepping forward and he encourages all of us to join this forward momentum.

Rainforest Partnership wishes to thank Mayor Adler, Chikage Windler and all the people who participated and especially everyone who sponsored and donated to empower us to continue our mission to preserve the beautiful rainforests of our planet.