In this first month of 2020, we look at the decade ahead of us with many challenges and opportunities on the horizon. How can we ensure our 2020 vision is 20/20? We see insufficient action from governments to meet their Paris Agreement commitments. We see devastating fires in the Amazon, California, and Australia wreaking havoc on people, wildlife and climate. The smoke darkens skies thousands of miles away. They also cloud the incredible momentum building to save nature.

The world is waking up.

Young people are protesting in the streets. Indigenous communities are standing up for their rights and for their land. Companies are cleaning up their supply chains, responding to demands for sustainably and ethically made products. The CEO of BlackRock, the largest investment firm in the world, has declared climate change to be central to its investment strategy.

A global movement is taking shape and it will only endure if it is organized, strong, and collaborative. Businesses, governments, forest communities, citizens and consumers — we all have a stake in a vibrant planet. We are as interconnected as a forest ecosystem — everyone has a role to play, and what we choose to do will ripple through our local and global community.

Rainforest communities are ready to take on the challenge.

For years, they have watched their forests disappear. Without alternatives, pressures to clear the forest were hard to resist. But things are changing. Working with Rainforest Partnership, dozens of communities in Peru and Ecuador have developed sustainable economies that rely on healthy forests for success.

Many more want to partner to create sustainable businesses and private conservation areas. In the Amazonas State in Peru, Rainforest Partnership has a new opportunity to work with the regional government and a network of communities to protect over half a million acres of rainforest.

The Amazon may be at a tipping point.

But so too is the public will. Which tips first will change everything. With enough collective energy and pressure, companies and governments will have to act. With enough investment in the right places, we can give rainforests a chance to bounce back. We can still change the trajectory of our climate and biodiversity. And, change the trajectory for humanity and all that coexists with us.

As we enter 2020, and what will be the most important decade of our lives, clarity might be our most important asset. Clarity about what kind of world we want to live in. Clarity about what it will really take to get there. Clarity about how united we must be to safeguard our only home. Will you be part of the 2020 20/20 vision? Join us.