Rainforest Partnership Wish List for Ground Team

Oh the places we go to save our Rainforests! 

Our team members on the ground brave the wrath of Mother Nature, illegal poachers and unidentifiable plant and wildlife on a daily basis to reach our communities deep within the Amazon rainforest. They travel sometimes for days by small plane, even smaller boat and foot to reach our communities and they could use your help!

The list of items needed to keep these team members safe while traveling is virtually endless, and we are grateful for everything we receive from big to small and new to used. Below is a wish list of materials, equipment, and supplies that will help us continue our work of saving rainforest and the people who live there.


·       Small tents individual or two person

·       Sleeping bags

·       Roll up travel mattresses 

·       Medium size, preferably waterproof, lightweight backpacks.

·       Quick dry pant 

·       Wind and/or rain jackets 

·       Headlamps (Lucia, extra)

·       Binoculars with or without camera

·       Small portable kitchenware for camping (cutlery, cups, pots, ladles, plates)

·       Portable gas stove

·       Dry bag (waterproof to keep food and supplies dry)

·       Small Umbrellas

·       Inflatable pillows

·       Thin sheets for travel

·       Mosquito netting

·       Thin ropes to tie nets or secure luggage

·       Go-pro cameras

·       Cameras built for hiking and extreme sports

·       Water filter and/or water purification tablets

·       First aid kits for specific for camping

·       Anti-venom

·       GPS location DPS for emergencies 

·       AAA and AA Rechargeable batteries

·       AAA and AA battery chargers


We accept new or gently used items.  If  you are purchasing these gifts from Amazon be sure to use Amazon Smiles (https://smile.amazon.com/ ) and select Rainforest Partnership for an additional gift as a portion of your proceeds will go to support RP.

To donate your items, contact Rainforest Partnership directly at info@rainforestpartnership.org or call 512.420.0101

With your donation of any item on this list, you actively become a part of our mission to save rainforest and reduce deforestation.