The Achuar, an indigenous rainforest community who live deep in the Amazon, maintain a rich culture, including an intrinsic knowledge to create traditional medicines and products that are naturally derived from the forest. But the community lacks the necessary infrastructure and the skills to market their products and services outside of their territory or create a reliable source of sustainable income. 

Project History

Rainforest Partnership’s collaboration with the Achuar community started two years ago, when the Achuar leaders had approached us to work with them and develop sustainable income sources for their community members. One of the few sources of income the community has is from agricultural and forestry products, which they harvest in the forest and then spend days in a canoe to transport, down the river, to be sold in other places.

The Achuar as a people adopted a life plan over 20 years ago and this still serves as their guiding principles. Empowering the community economically as desired by the Achuar leadership and by Rainforest Partnership, will help them maintain their strong voice in opposing the intrusion of outside interests disrupting their forest and way of life and allow the community to take advantage of the abundant natural wealth that can be derived from keeping the rainforests standing.